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The collection “The Temple of Love” is inspired by warm artistic and poetic heritage. The folklore and soul to its modern ethnic creations.

Representing the era of novelty styles and signature embodiment in artistry. The collection enamels specialization in bridal couture. A unique fusion of western and Indian culture, with fluidly flowing in light fabrics. Bringing to life exceptionally versatile ensembles. Everything is crafted with an incredible range of exclusive handwork applique and exceptional three dimensional motifs.

Masterfully crafted to reality. For every woman, bride or hustler, these outfits celebrate their personality and aesthetic. Enchanting the finesse and refinement nurtured within each stitch.

The colors enunciate rich and opulent hues, created with fresh, everlasting embellishments. Creating a set of trending fashion forward silhouettes. Luxuriously handpicked and authentic fabrication for that finishing touch. The range of versatility, introducing lehengas, sarees and gowns all under one roof.

Envisioning the true bridal dream, Soshai by Sofi ensures the precision of quality with luxe unique craftsmanship revering the remarkable spree for that special day.