In 2014, Soshai was established as a brain child of Sophiya Gupta, a passionate fashionista and a celebrated designer in the fashion circuit. Sophiya started Soshai with a simple belief, that all women already possess an elegance, and all that is required is to accentuate this natural elegance and highlight their personal styles.



Envisioning the true bridal dream, Soshai by Sofi ensures the precision of quality with luxe unique craftsmanship revering the remarkable spree for that special day.

At Soshai By Sofi, our vast know-how is called upon at every stage of the design process. There is a constant dialogue between the expert hands of our tailors and our artisans who are mindful of every single detail. Whether it’s a jewel on the dress, guipure lace on the fabric, a sequin design, silk flounces, ribbon embroidery or braiding, it all starts with tireless research into the finest materials.

The woven fabrications with meticulous craftsmanship are selected then made, technique-bound, folded or draped, depending on the delicate colour combinations. Organza and ethereal chiffons are also embroidered or layered, as well as glamour quoted statement styles and enumerated, which is the signature of the Soshai By Sofi style.